Well, a little about Me :lol:....If you know me there is no one word that would describe me... so Lets start after School I started to work as a photographer and loved it but noticed that other people around me got to do things like EAT and go out and the like so I was talking to my roommate at the time and he said he was quitting his job as a photographer at a paparazzi agency it was a smallish Company called OnlineUSA this was 1997 they were the first online Celeb photo agency well it turns out that I drove my friend to his work that day that he was quitting and I interviewed for that same job and I got it well it was a 60-40 split commission job but I was a hard worker so the first weekend I Had heard that Kathy Lee Gifford was going to be in LA shooting a video from her husband and at the time Kathy-lee was the big thing she was on the cover of every mag every week so Needless to say I got great exclusive pictures and they some from cover enquire and about 10 pictures inside the mag I got 60% commission and my take was 18,000 so I was happy I was offered a staff plus 20% commission job with OnlineUSA for 75,000 a year I took it. then from there moved up in the ranks and started my own companies along the way but I did not take care of myself health wise I am Diabetic and I had a couple of Amputations of toes and my right foot below the knee was taken about 2007 and at that time I had Nerve damage in my hands real bad and so I moved away from Hollywood ad out to the desert closer to Family my mother was out here and I knew it was cheaper than LA I do some video editing so consulting with agencies in LA and Other than that I play video games ! I now a 41 year old that is good at video games tell me about it but I am. I play BO1 and BO2 Zombies mostly but when i am in the mood i play other FPS and GTA that kind of stuff I have a PS7 that is a PS3 and a PS4 sitting next to each other I started streaming on Twitch after 4 months I had over 160,000 page views and 4,800 Followers. I met Stewart Marsh (@SweptSquash) on and he has a web site and we talk for hours sometimes ( Once you get me talking there is about nothing that will shut me up). So That will bring you up to date with me and if you have questions Ask them i Have very interactive streams I talk to everyone and I have a team-speak that is open to my followers. What I say is if you piss me off then I will ban you Bitches if you are nice I will give you a Second chance. I consider myself an above average gamer. I have a youtube channel you can check out well there you go !